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Cleaning Roofs

Keeping Your Roof Clean

Your home is by fare the largest investment you will have made and maintaining it retains that value. Having your roof cleaned can increase your chances of selling your home quickly but also improves the over all appearance of your house.  Dark stains on your roof can diminish the beauty of  your home. Moss, lichens or algae and small plants growing on your roof  can take root  and affect the appearance and functionality of your roof.

Your roof can be cleaned without causing damage by the use of power washing so we do it by hand hand to ensure your slates or tiles are not dislodged or moved causing further damage. High pressure systems are never recommended on the use of your roof

There are very few low-cost home improvement projects that can offer dramatic benefits so quickly. Roof cleaning is one of them. A non-pressure, safe chemical application will not damage or remove your slates or tiles. When done professionally, the results will enhance the beauty and functionally of your largest investment, your home.